The Basics of Meat Smoking

This site isn’t designed to be a replacement for any of the other fantastic BBQ sites out there. Instead, it is meant to be a 100% beginner focused site to answer the questions you have about meat smoking. I started meat smoking in early 2008, and remember having a lot of trouble finding answers to the most basic questions. Questions like “is there a right way to put meat into the smoker?”, and “what do I do with the wood to make it smoke?”.

Meat smoking is a unique beast. I remember thinking that I would really mess things up if I did them wrong. I’ve since learned that, as I’ve often read, ‘meat smoking is more of an art than a science’. There aren’t nearly as many ‘right’ answers as I thought there were. But there are some!

On this site, you will find three sections of questions, each geared towards a different phase of the process. When I started researching meat smoking, these three phases of research came up: 1. What is meat smoking and am I even interested in it? 2. Ok, it sounds great, but what all is involved - and can I afford it? 3. I’m in! Where can I find inspiration and how do I convince my spouse.

The list of questions and answers is by no means exhaustive, so contact me if you have a question about something that hasn’t been answered. Pass it along even if it is something you have answered with your own research, as it might be helpful to another just starting to get their feet wet. Heck, pass along your answers too as it will enhance the experience for the budding meat smokers out there.

Beyond the answers on this site, it would be worth your time to check out theYouTube channel. There, I have some videos that cover the very basics of meat smoking, as well as some tips on making things easier. Sometimes it is helpful to see how to do something - not just read about it.

I hope you find the site helpful in your journey into the world of meat smoking. It’s the best tasting hobby I’ve ever picked up!

One other thing you may notice is that there aren't any ads on the site. I plan to keep it that way. There are ads on the YouTube videos which help offset some of the costs of making this resource available, but there is another way you can help support the site. If you buy Amazon goods through my affiliate store, I receive a small percentage. It doesn't charge you anything extra, Amazon just pays me for sending folks their way from this website. If you have found this information helpful, consider making an already-planned purchase from Amazon through this site's affiliate link. Thanks for considering it!