The Basics of Meat Smoking

Welcome to the first step in your BBQ journey. On this site, you will find information that is focused on answering the basic questions of meat smoking. When I started researching meat smoking, these three topics came up: 

1. What is meat smoking and am I interested in it? 
2. Ok, it sounds great, but what is involved - and can I afford it? 
3. I’m in! Where can I find inspiration and how do I convince my spouse?

Once you’ve read through these sections and have decided to jump in, head over to the youtube channel to get an overview of different types of smokers, helpful tips, and even a few recipes.

Beyond the basics on this site and the videos on YouTube, I firmly believe that keeping a BBQ Journal is one of the most important things you can do to improve the quality of what comes out of your smoker. When you start out, it’s hard to know what parts of the smoke are important to remember, and what parts aren’t. Fattybombatty’s BBQ Journal helps you track the details of what you did and the quality of your results. Each journal entry includes room for notes as well, so you can tell your future self how to get better results. 

If you consider yourself a well seasoned smoker, then chances are you have BBQ recipes that you’ve gathered from dozens of sources. Beyond tracking smokes, Fattybombatty’s BBQ Journal also includes blank recipe sheets for you to list your favorite BBQ rubs, sauces, sides, and desserts. Now when you start preparing for an event, you only need one book to get going. 

I’m not gonna lie, looking great isn’t going to help you produce better BBQ. But that isn’t any excuse for not having any BBQ shirts in your closet. Let’s fix that.

Beyond the BBQ Journal or BBQ shirts, you can support this site by making an already-planned purchase from Amazon through this site's affiliate link. You won’t be charged any more for the purchase, and the revenue I bring in goes to improving the quality of what I provide on youtube. I've also put together a BBQ Shopping Guide with products I recommend in case you are wanting to buy a gift for someone, but aren't sure which BBQ products are helpful. If you have any questions about BBQ, I’d love to help. Get in touch with me through the contact form, or on youtube. I do my best to answer every question asked in the comments.